Try H&H Outdoor’s shuttle service this season!

Plan a day of fun on the James River with kayaks, canoes, stand-up-paddle boards, or other personal watercraft and we’ll shuttle you from your take-out spot (destination) to your put-in spot (starting point) so you can drive home when you’re done!

Here’s how this works:

  • You drive along the river and pick out a good put-in spot where you’ll leave your gear and anyone who wants to look after it.
  • Then you’ll drive downriver to find a take-out spot. Here you’ll leave your car and we’ll come pick you up.
  • We’ll drive you back to your put-in spot and you can begin your adventure!
  • Once you’ve floated downriver, you’ll arrive at your take-out spot and your car will be there waiting for you!
Two men canoeing

When you call to schedule a time and date for your river excursion, we’ll go over some basic information like how many people are in your party and roughly how far you’d like to travel down the river or how long you’d like to be in the water. This helps us gauge what distance there should be between your put-in location and your take-out destination.

Depending on whether you’re planning to leisurely float down the river or fish with a friend from a canoe, you may take more or less time to travel the same distance. We can help you try to plan a reasonable amount of time to be in the river based on the activities you have planned.

Call or stop by today!